Frequently Asked Questions about our Service


Q. How do I start my apartment search in Houston with Citihomes?


A. Simply fill out our on-line search form or call us at (713)268-2200. Within minutes one of our Houston apartment search agents will fax, call, or email you with your customized Houston apartment search results


Q. What if I have special needs concerning an apartment for rent in Houston, Texas?


A. Citihomes & Apartment locators has access to a database of over 2500 Houston apartment communities and the surrounding areas. We offer personalized service that will meet all your lifestyle needs.


Q. Is your Houston apartment search service free?


A. Yes, Citihomes & Apartment Locating services is 100% free to the user. Plus if you lease through us, we will give you a $50 gift card.


Q. If the Houston apartment search service is free, how do you get paid?


A. We get paid a referral commission by the apartment that you choose to lease from. Just remember to write Citihomes & Apartment Locators on the guest card and lease application for the apartment in Houston, Texas that you choose.


Q. Do you only search apartments?


A. No. Although we mainly focus on apartments, Citihomes can help you locate the perfect condo, house, or town home, if you do not want an apartment for rent in Houston, Texas!


If you still need help with anything else about doing a Houston apartment search feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (713) 268-2200.